Become A Co-Operative Member

Have YOUR say in how the Estate is managed


Residents over the age of 18 are encouraged to join the Wimbledon Park Co-operative by buying a lifetime membership in the Co-operative, which costs £1. As a member you may vote at all General Meetings and stand for election to the Management Committee. Members influence what happens on the Estate and what our priorities should be for the future. The more residents who are members, the more representative the Co-operative is of our community. Contact the Estate Office to join.

The Management Board

The Management Board is made up of volunteer residents of the Estate, and is responsible for employing staff and contractors and running the Estate on your behalf. The Board meets at least quarterly and has various sub-committees to carry out its work. One-third of the Board members stand down at the Annual General Meeting to encourage new members to stand for election. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Board, contact the Estate Office.

Your Chair: Mary Cunningham

Your Treasurer: Hugo Pastor

Your Secretary: Joanna Leszczynska

Our Aims

  • Check all common areas and lifts on the Estate each day, identifying priorities and ordering works as necessary.
  • Remove rubbish and clean graffiti from the Estate, including the lifts, as soon as possible after it is reported.
  • Maintain the landings, walkways, lifts and the grassed areas of the Estate to a high standard.
  • Provide an efficient and accessible rent administration service, giving residents appropriate welfare advice, where applicable.
  • Provide an excellent repair service, aiming to complete repairs to a high standard well within the timescales laid down by Wandsworth Borough Council.
  • Encourage active participation by residents and help to foster a community on the Estate.
  • Ensure all residents to attend meetings and have access to information about the activities of the Co-operative in a format accessible to them.


To download a new membership form, please click here – new member form 22

Please chick here to contact us for further queries.