Private Tenants (Leaseholder’s Tenants)

Leaseholder’s Tenants [Private Tenants]

Leaseholders who are subletting their property are responsible for informing their tenants about the Co-operative’s rules and showing them the facilities. Leaseholders or their tenants should contact the Estate Office to have their details registered in the database of residents.

Please note that any nuisance caused by sub tenants will not be tolerated and will be dealt directly with the leaseholder and Wandsworth council. Nuisance such and loud noise, anti social behaviour, harassment is in breach of the lease agreement and the cooperative will be doing everything with the legal frame work to make sure the matter is addressed.

It is recommended that the leaseholders or sub-tenant should contact the cooperative’s office to get their details registered in the residents database-in an event such as leak; we may need to contact you immediately.