Small Improvement Budget (SIBs)

The small improvement budget (SIBS) is a pot of money available from Wandsworth Council for improvement works around the estate that will directly benefit residents but fall outside of the Council/Co-ops repairs responsibility. If you have any suggestions for improvements please send these directly to the office or to your SIBs representative. The SIBs representative is a board member who has volunteered to attend quarterly Co-op Forums and put forward the co-ops SIBs proposal. The board as a whole are responsible for putting together proposals. Some previous improvements across WBC Co-ops include:

  • Installation of notice boards
  • Motorbike anchors
  • Bike sheds and lock ups
  • Bin Chambers
  • Garden initiatives
  • Additional lighting
  • Estate seating and activities

Wimbledon Park Co-Operative 2019-2020 SIBs representative : Sue Lore

Next Co-op forum meeting: Monday 11th November 2019

Attending: Lizzie Inglis (Housing Manager) Sue Lore (Board member/SIBs Representative) Sarah Stevens (WBC Resident Participation Officer)

19.11.11 Co-op Forum Agenda

SIBS Procedure

SIBS Application Form

SIBS Meeting Schedule 2020 – TBC



19.09.09 Co-op Forum Minutes