Council Tenants

Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are dependant on the type of tenancy you have. Tenancy types include:

  1. Introductory.
  2. Secure Periodic.
  3. Fixed Term.

Your tenancy conditions set out your responsibilities as a tenant and our responsibilities in how we manage and maintain your property alongside Wandsworth Council.

The tenancy conditions include information on issues such as; looking after your property and communal areas, your garden and balcony, re-decorating and making improvements, keeping pets, behaviour of visitors and household members and allowing access to the Co-op staff, Council and contractors. As a tenant you are responsible for the behaviour of friends and relatives and others living in or visiting your home.

All changes of circumstances need to reported to both the Estate office and the Council. These include:

  1. A new baby in the household.
  2. A partner residing with you.

For any additional support, please visit Wandsworth Council’s website – Tenancy support services – Wandsworth Borough Council

The Estate Office is also happy to provide support wherever possible. Contact us if in need – 0208 780 9980