Service charges

The annual service charges you pay for the care and maintenance of the estate are calculated by Wandsworth Council. Find out more about service charges.

Detailed information for leaseholders can be found on the Wandsworth Council website.
Download the Leaseholders’ guide handbook

Subletting your property

If you sublet your property to private tenants, you should inform them about the Co-op and its services. You should also provide the Estate Office with your details, or those of a management agency if you use one, in case of any issues with your flat, such as a leak.

Leaseholder insurance

If you are a leaseholder in Wandsworth, you are covered by the Council’s buildings insurance, which is provided by Zurich Municipal. The Council is the freeholder of the property and you cannot arrange your own buildings insurance. The policy covers damage to internal decoration and/or fixtures and fittings, not the contents. You should arrange your own contents insurance policy.

Insurance policy and schedule

Major works information for leaseholders

The Council’s website has information on future major schemes of work – find out more.