Rubbish and recycling


Residents are responsible for ensuring their rubbish is disposed of only in the chutes and paladin bins provided. Rubbish and recycling is collected once a week with the exception of bank holidays.
Check your bin day on Wandsworth Council’s website.

Please tie your rubbish in a plastic bag to keep chutes and bins clean. Never put unwrapped food down the chute. Large or long items can block the chute. Please dispose of in a paladin bin.

Do not leave rubbish bags in the corridors, on the stairwells or next to the bin chambers. If you are unable to use the chutes, please contact the Estate Office so arrangements can be made.

Reporting a missed bin collection

You can report a missed collection directly to the Council or to the Estate office.
Report a missed collection on Wandsworth Council’s website.


Recycling bins are provided in all blocks for recycling a range of glass, metal, paper, and plastic items.
Check what can be recycled on Wandsworth Council’s website.

Please do not put plastic bags or aluminium foil in the recycling bins, as they cannot be recycled. If a recycling load contains non-recyclable items, the Council is charged twice, to sort it and then to dispose of it as rubbish.

Bulk refuse

Do not leave any items of rubbish around the Estate, as it is a fire hazard and a danger to children. Dumping rubbish is a breach of your tenancy conditions/lease agreement or obligation as a commercial landlord. To arrange for bulky items to be removed then please contact theĀ Estate office.