Our Services

The successful care and upkeep of the estate depends on an effective partnership between the residents and Wimbledon Park Co-operative. It is the responsibility of residents to keep the front of their own homes clean and tidy. Shared areas, including corridors and stairwells, are cleaned by Wimbledon Park Co-operative, but it is the responsibility of all tenants to ensure that members of and visitors to their household do not discard litter or damage any part of the property.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any issues, please contact the Estate Office.

Cleaning and Caretaking

  • Cleaning staircases, handrails, banisters, landings, doors, communal floors, lobbies, lights, light fittings, walls, and windows located in internal stairs and landings.
  • Cleaning and removing rubbish from bin chambers.
  • Clearing litter from all common parts of the estate and arranging for removal of bulky rubbish (on request).
  • General upkeep of the roof access and roof security.
  • General upkeep of the common grounds and gardens; cutting communal grassed areas and maintaining flower beds and shrubs.
  • Clearing play areas and play equipment, especially of glass.
  • Weed control, sweeping, snow and leaf clearing and salting of non-adopted roads (including drainage gullies) and footpaths.
  • Maintaining bulkhead lighting of the grounds, non-adopted roads and footpaths, including the replacement of light bulbs but excluding pole fittings.
  • Removing graffiti in all common areas.
  • Maintaining entry-phone systems.

Responsibility for maintenance and repairs of the Estate is divided between Wandsworth Borough Council and Wimbledon Park Co-operative, but you can report both types of problems to the Estate Office.

Communal Area

  • Re-glazing of broken windows to dwellings where the break has a known cause and the
    Council is liable, but excluding metal and UPVC  windows.
  • The rainwater system, including gutters and fixings.
  • The common areas of the property.
  • Electrical services for supply to the common areas, including wiring, conduits, socket outlets, switches and bulkhead light fittings.
  • Fences, enclosure walls and gates that belong to the Council.
  • Roads, footpaths, and courtyards not adopted for maintenance by the Council under its statutory powers as Highway Authority.

Council Tenanted Flats

  • Plumbing, including cold water systems beyond the main stopcock in each dwelling, including pipes, valves, stopcocks, cisterns, overflows.
  • The Council’s plumbed fittings, including baths, sinks, basins, WC suites, taps and waste fittings, but excluding plumbing installed for washing machines, dishwashers etc.
  • The electrical services from the Electricity Board’s meter including internal wiring.
  • The Council’s internal fixtures and fittings.

The council is responsible for-


  • The external structures of buildings, including brickwork, lintels, external walls and their openings, and all load bearing, party and structural walls
  • The roof structures and roof coverings
  • The surface water and foul drains including gullies, access chambers and their covers
  • The water mains from the water board’s supply pipe or stopcock or the mains stopcock in each dwelling
  • The gas mains from the gas board’s main supply pipe to the meter in each dwelling
  • Floors, including joists and floorboards and any other type of construction, e.g., concrete
  • All underground services
  • All external pole lighting
  • Down pipes and repairs resulting from leaks and overflows


  • Annual gas checks and gas boiler servicing for council tenants
  • Inspection and maintenance of play equipment
  • Tree management and arboriculture work
  • The supply of water to all blocks including the installation and maintenance of pumps if required
  • Inspection and testing of water tanks
  • Supply of electricity to pole lighting
  • Lift inspection and repairs

How do I report a repair or issue?

Repairs can be reported either by telephoning, or by visiting the office at 2 Fernwood during office hours of 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday. Office hours may change from time to time. Please check on the notice boards located next to the office door. Our telephone answering service is available 24 hours daily. All repair requests will be logged and a receipt with job number will be given, which will acknowledge the repair, state its priority, and confirm mutually convenient access. An initial inspection will take place to determine the nature of work, likely cost and responsibility, i.e., whether it is rechargeable to the tenant/leaseholder or the Council.


Residents are responsible for ensuring their rubbish is disposed of only in the chutes and paladin bins provided. Rubbish is collected twice a week with the exception of bank holidays.

Please tie your rubbish in a plastic bag so as to keep chutes and bins clean. Never put unwrapped food down the chute. Large or long items can block the chute; please take these directly to a bin.

Do not leave rubbish bags in the corridors, on the stairwells or next to the bin chambers. If you are physically challenged and cannot use the chutes, please contact the Estate Office so special arrangements can be made.


Recycling bins are provided in all blocks for recycling a range of glass, metal, paper, and plastic items. If you are unsure of what can be recycled, see http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/recyclefromhome or contact the Estate Office. Please do not put plastic bags or aluminium foil in the recycling bins, as they cannot be recycled. If a recycling load contains non-recyclable items, the Council is charged twice, to sort it and then to dispose of it as rubbish.

Bulk Refuse

Do not leave any items of rubbish around the Estate, as it is a fire hazard and a danger to children. Dumping rubbish is a breach of your tenancy conditions/lease agreement. To arrange for bulky items to be removed then please contact the Council waste service: 020 8871 8558.